Empirical Modelling of Ionospheric Vertical Drifts

First attempts of vertical drift modelling over African low latitude region (Dubazane 2016)

The study of atmospheric electrodynamics is useful for understanding plasma motion which is the fundamental basis governing a number of processes within different atmospheric layers. Research involving the computation of magnitudes and direction for ExB drifts has been predominantly done in low latitude/equatorial regions where the later plays an important role over other factors. Over the mid- latitude regions, there are several factors such as disturbance dynamo generated by joule heating in the auroral regions and dynamo actions of the neutral atmosphere in E and F regions. Both of these produce electric fields which affect the motion of the ionospheric plasma which can be quantified through the ExB drifts velocities. Vertical drift velocities are responsible for plasma motion which determine electron density fluctuations that are very useful for high frequency (HF) communication This project is looking at ways of developing transferable analytical algorithms for computing ExB drift velocities. The starting point is vertical drifts inferred from low latitude magnetometers. The developed algorithms will also be tested on low-latitude, equatorial latitude and mid-latitude regions within the African sector .