Empirical Regional TEC Modelling

Variation of the first empirical orthogonal function coeffient with solar flux during storms of 1999-2013 (Uwamahoro and Habarulema (2015): Modelling total electron content during geomagnetic storm conditions using empirical orthogonal functions and neural networks, JGR, 120, pp. 11000-11012)

The uneven distribution of ground-based instrumentation in some regions makes it a challenge to study, understand and model ionospheric dynamics. This is so particularly in the African sector where less has been done about space weather studies. This project is looking at modelling total electron content (TEC) derived from global navigational satellite systems with the aid of relevant geophysical inputs. Modelling techniques under consideration include empirical orthogonal functions, regression analysis and neural networks. It is intended that the outcome will be an empirical model capable of predicting TEC on a regional scale during geomagnetic disturbed conditions.