Regional modelling of low latitude ionospheric vertical drifts

Outputs of models developed based on partial least squares , PLS (blue), Artificial Neural Networks, ANN (green), compared to the climatological Scherliess-Fejer model , SF (black) model in estimating the quiet time ionospheric vertical drift. The PLS and ANN models were developed based on C/NOFS vertical ion plasma drifts from 2008-2014. The red dots shows C/NOFS data not used in model development (Dubazane and Habarulema 2018).

The importance of zonal electric fields in influencing plasma electrodynamics in low or equatorial latitude regions is well known and include controlling the extent of the equatorial ionisation anomaly and vertical coupling between the low and high altitude ionospheric layers and associated physical processes. However, in general, electric field data remain sparse in most longitude sectors. This project will utilise ground-based magnetometer and satellite data to develop a regional model in low latitudes.