Dr Rendani Rejoyce Nndanganeni

Unit: Science Research and Applications Position: Space Weather Researcher Qualifications: PhD (Space Physics)

Rendani Rejoyce Nndanganeni was born in Muhuyu village near Thohoyandou. She obtained her B.Sc. from University of Venda in 2006, and her Hons. B.Sc. in 2007 and MSc. in 2011 from the North-West University (NWU). She has published two research articles in international science journals and five articles in the proceedings of the International Cosmic Ray Conference, which she attended in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2013) and in The Hague, Holland (2015). She presented her research at two international workshops on Heliospheric and Cosmic Ray Physics hosted by the Centre for Space Research at the NWU. She also participated in the South African institute of Physics and in one of the annual conference of the high Performance Computing Centre in Cape Town.

She recently obtained her PhD. in Space Physics 2016. In her thesis, Modeling of electrons in the heliosphere, she describes the transport of these charged particles in the Sun’s influence sphere called the heliosphere. For these solar modulation studies of cosmic rays she used a sophisticated locally developed three-dimensional model in which the relevant transport equation is solved numerically. The advantages of this approach are comprehensively addressed by applying the model to explain the physics behind all major electron observations made by various spacecraft, including NASA’s Voyager 1 mission, and recently also data from the Italian PAMELA space experiment. She continues to address a variety of challenging aspects in Heliospheric Physics, contributing to the advancement of research in this field.

Currently she is a Space Weather Researcher at SANSA working under the space weather unit. Her research is mainly about the impact of Space Weather on Aviation with the focus being in the African regions.

Research Interests

  • Space Weather (e.g. Its impact on aviation)
  • Solar physics (e.g. Sunspot and solar activity, Solar flares, CMEs)
  • Heliospheric physics (Galactic cosmic rays)


Title DOI Number Link
The energy range of drifts effects in the solar modulation of cosmic ray electrons Nndanganeni, R.R. and Potgieter, M. S. 10.1016/j.asr.2016.04.020
The solar modulation of electrons in the heliosphere Potgieter, M.S. and Nndanganeni, R. R 10.1007/s10509-013-1365-x
A local interstellar spectrum for galactic electrons. Potgieter, M.S. and Nndanganeni, R. R 10.1016/j.astropartphys.2013.06.008