Dr Stanislaus Nnadih

Unit: Science Research and Applications Position: Post-doctoral research scientist Qualifications: PhD

Stanislaus obtained his undergraduate degree in physics in 2008. He is an alumnus of the International Space University (ISU), Strasbourg, France, where he completed the Space Studies Program in 2013. In 2015, Stanislaus enrolled for MPhil in Space Studies at the SpaceLab, University of Cape Town, South Africa, which was later upgraded to a PhD program in 2016. His PhD research, which involves the search for upper atmospheric lightning phenomena, known as sprites, made the first ground-based documented observations of these elusive natural events in southern Africa. The degree was awarded in March 2020. He has presented his work at various scientific gatherings, both at local and international level.

Stanislaus is currently a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Space Weather Unit focusing on the development of an operations risk forecast product that can be installed into the space weather centre.

Research Interests

  • Space Weather
  • Solar Physics
  • Mesospheric Physics

Selected Publications (for full list see ORCID page)

Citation Type
Maximum sprite streamer luminosity near the stratopause. F├╝llekrug, M., Nnadih, S., Soula, S., Mlynarczyk, J., Stock, M., Lapierre, J., & Kosch, M., Geophysical Research Letters, 46 (2019). Journal Paper
First ground-based observations of sprites over southern Africa. Nnadih S, Kosch M, Martinez P, Bor J., S Afr J Sci. 2018;114(9/10), Art. #4272. Journal Paper