SANSA Researchers

Mike Kosch

His research has focussed mainly on auroral physics and the electrodynamics of the polar upper-atmosphere.

Pierre Cilliers

He has supervised several postgraduate students at SANSA and has co-authored more than 70 peer reviewed publications since joining SANSA.

Pieter Kotze

He has utilised geomagnetic field data from low-Earth orbit satellites and observatories to investigate the time-varying characteristics of the Earth’s magnetic field for the past 26 years.

John Bosco Habarulema

His research interests include regional modelling of ionospheric parameters, low and mid latitude electrodynamics, and investigations leading to understanding physical mechanisms driving ionospheric dynamics especially during disturbed conditions.

Peter Sutcliffe

Over the past 15 years Peter has used magnetic field data from low-Earth-orbit (LEO) satellites to study Pi2 cavity mode and Pc3 field line resonances.

Zama Katamzi-Joseph

Her main research interests include ionospheric dynamics and the influence of geomagnetic storms, thermospheric dynamics from neutral winds measurements, coupling between the thermosphere and ionosphere through traveling ionospheric disturbances and tides. She has published several academic papers and presented in numerous national and international conferences.

Shimul Maharaj

He is currently employed as Research Physicist at SANSA Space Science and his area of research expertise is the theory of linear and nonlinear waves in space plasmas.

Rendani Nndanganeni

Since the beginning of 2016 she is the post-doctoral research fellow at SANSA working under the space weather unit.

Stefan Lotz

His current research focus is on geomagnetically induced currents, and ULF and VLF waves in the magnetosphere and ionosphere.