Ms Amoré Nel

Position: PhD Student Qualifications: MSc

Amoré, born and raised in the Free-State, achieved her BSc Applied Mathematics degree at the University of Stellenbosch in 2008. After her BSc (hons) in Astrophysics at the University of the Free-State, she shifted focus to Space Physics. Amoré attained her MSc (with distinction) at North-West University, where she studied near-Earth solar turbulence, and the solar-cycle dependence of certain turbulence quantities. She is currently busy with her PhD in Space Physics, focus Auroral Physics, under the leadership of Prof Mike Kosch at SANSA Space Science.

Research Interests

  • Space Physics
  • Space Weather
  • Auroral Physics


Title DOI Number Link
Solar-cycle dependence of a model turbulence spectrum using IMP and ACE observations over 38 years Burger, R. A.; Nel, A. E.; Engelbrecht, N. E. SH51A-4152
A Comparison of Cosmic-Ray Modulation During the 1986- and 2009 Solar Minima Burger, R. A.; Engelbrecht, N.; Moloto, K.; Nel, A. SH31C-07
Ionospheric electron number densities from CUTLASS dual-frequency velocity measurements using artificial backscatter over EISCAT. Lois K. Sarno-Smith; Michael J. Kosch; Timothy Yeoman; Michael Rietveld, Amore Nel, Michael W. Liemohn 10.1002/2016JA022788